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Welcome to our site!

We recognize that students who, in addition to engaging in academic pursuit, are committed to providing and caring for children have a unique set of needs and experiences, joys and stressors. In order to support student-parents in their educational journey, we offer this website as a platform for identifying resources, locating policies, learning about programs and connecting to peers.

Feel free to browse the site for information about campus and community resources and support. And please know that the Student Assistance Center in the Office of the Dean of Students is available to assist you in answering questions and addressing concerns should you be unable to find what you need via this site.


John Lantz
Assistant Dean of Students and Co-Chair of the Student-Parent Advisory Council

Tell us who you are!

We are working on collecting contact information for student-parents in an effort to keep you apprised of information, resources and initiatives. We also hope to start a listserv or e-newsletter. In addition, knowing who you are helps us reach out to ask about your experience and what we can do to help support you.

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