Religious Workers' Association

The Religious Worker's Association (RWA) is a voluntary association of religious leaders that seeks:

  • to stimulate among its own members vigorous, cordial, and meaningful discussion of relevant religious issues and concerns;
  • to represent and express the professional concerns of the religious workers at the University of Illinois;
  • to establish and maintain channels of communication and structure for cooperation with the University and its appropriate offices — students, faculty, and administration;
  • to provide a channel for a constructively critical voice on matters related to social and higher education issues;
  • to explore opportunities and develop approaches for the relevant expression and effectual practice of religion in the life of the University;
  • to serve as an agency for the initiation, sponsorship, coordination and/or implementation of programs and projects on behalf of religious workers at the University;
  • to provide an agency for unified expression and action by the religious workers without violating or sacrificing the diversity of their particular religious convictions and commitments;
  • to learn about, appreciate, and respect other religious traditions.

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