Vivekananda House UIUC

Faith Tradition/Denomination: Hindu



The idea of Vivekananda House is rooted in our deep belief that there needs to be a Hindu Center for the benefit of the Hindu Students as well as the broader University communities. Vivekananda House is a Hindu Students Center on campus where a few students live and help manage the activities along with a team of volunteers of local Hindu Student Organization. The Vivekananda House aspires to become a center for all Hindu Students and local Hindu Community. The Vivekananda House hosts various Hindu activities along with an extensive library of Hindu Books. We invited each and every student at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign to visit the Vivekananda House and learn more about our activities and Hindu Dharma. Vivekananda House is a central place for Hindu Spiritual Guidance, Hindu Activism, and service oriented activities on the Campus and beyond. Our mission is to provide opportunities to Hindu students to practice Hindu culture, Engage in Sewa on Campuses and Beyond, Create a library of Hindu Books on campus, To connect with the larger issues affecting Hindus globally.