Community of Care Liaison Program

The Community of Care Liaison Program is intended to be a vital component in the university’s effort to foster communication, programmatic, educational, and logistical strategies around student mental health and creating a community of care. Specifically, the Community of Care Liaison program’s charge includes the following:

  • Articulating the roles and responsibilities of faculty and staff members with regards to student’s overall health and well-being. This includes, but is not limited to helping to educate faculty and staff about their roles as responsible employees around reporting sexual misconduct.
  • Communicating to faculty and staff about campus resources available to students that can promote resilience and mental wellness, as well as when and how to refer students to those resources.
  • Working with student affairs professionals to recommend ways to equip faculty and staff to recognize warning signs in students and to respond appropriately.
  • Serving as a primary point of contact in academic units for student affairs professionals. This will open a line of communication for discussion and consultation related to student mental health and wellness issues.


Please feel free to reach out to a Liaison in your college for consultation, questions, or concerns.

Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences, College of

Applied Health Sciences, College of

Business, Gies College of

Division of General Studies

Education, College of

Engineering, Grainger College of

Fine and Applied Arts, College of

Graduate College

Information Sciences, School of

iSchool at Illinois

Labor and Employment Relations, School of

Law, College of

Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of

Media, College of

Medicine at Urbana-Champaign, College of

Molecular and Cellular Biology, Department of

Provost’s Office

Social Work, School of

Urban and Regional Planning, Department of

Veterinary Medicine, College of

  • Jonathan Foreman
    Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs