Mail Service

At 610 E. John St.

Blue mailbox on left and gray mailbox on right at 610 E. John St.

Blue Mailbox

The Blue Mailbox is for all outgoing campus and USPS mail.

Individual departments are responsible for placing their mail in this outgoing box.

USPS mail should have a pink mail tag attached to signify to Campus Mail Services which CFOP will be charged. If you rubber band multiple pieces of mail together, only one sticker is needed.

Campus mail should contain the mail code of the required destination.

Please note: This box is not for stamped or metered mail. There is a USPS mailbox located on the Wright St. side of Altgeld Hall for this mail.

Gray Mailbox

The Gray Mailbox is for all incoming campus and USPS mail delivery.

The OCCL student receptionist will retrieve the mail from this box daily and sort it into the mail slots behind the front reception desk.

An electronic listing of all individuals located at 610 E. John St. with their last name, first name, department, and room number will be placed on the desktop of the reception computer. This will allow the students to search by name to figure out where to place the mail.

Representatives from each office in Turner Student Services Building will send a representative to pick up mail from their labelled slot behind the front reception desk.

Policy on junk mail: Any junk mail that does not belong to someone in the building will be recycled. Junk mail is identified as catalogues, flyers, etc. that are generic.

Please note: Mail will continue to be delivered even when the building is locked (ex: during COVID-19). During these times the mail will be checked once per week and distributed to the mail slots behind the reception desk.