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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is committed to the safety of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) serves as the centralized body for discussion and action regarding students exhibiting aberrant, dangerous, or threatening behavior that might impact the safety or well-being of the campus community. The BIT, as outlined in the Campus Violence Prevention Plan, is founded on the principles of early intervention and proactive engagement to prevent violence and provide supportive services. Team members are committed to improving community safety through a proactive, collaborative, coordinated, objective, and thoughtful approach to violence prevention and supportive interventions.

BIT Leadership & Core Members

Ken Ballom

  • Dean of Students
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Justin Brown

  • BIT Chair
  • Associate Dean of Students

Katherine Snyder

  • Senior Assistant Dean of Students
  • BIT Case Manager

Carla McCowan

  • Director, Counseling Center

Bill Roberts

  • Associate Director, Counseling Center

Tom Geis

  • Police Lieutenant, UIPD

Bob Wilczynski

  • Assistant Director of Residential Life/University Housing for Community Standards and Safety Programs
  • Assistant Dean of Students

Allison Kushner
(advisory only)

  • Assistant General Counsel

Robert Parker

  • Director, McKinley Health Center

Alexis Thompson

  • Assistant Dean of Students, Graduate College

Behavioral Thresholds

The Campus Violence Prevention Plan identifies thresholds of unacceptable conduct which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Acts and threats of violence towards a specific person(s), unspecified person(s), and/or the campus as a whole.
  2. Significant violent ideations or the expression of violent ideas or the intent to harm others.
  3. Pattern of physical or emotional bullying and/or intimidation.
  4. Persistent, unwelcome pursuit of a personal and/or sexual relationship and/or verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature that is perceived as intimidating, aggressive, threatening, and/or an abuse of power.
  5. Assuming a stance of being substantially “in charge” or attempting to control processes, outcomes, or decisions that are inappropriate given the person’s standing or position.
  6. Persistently and/or aggressively pursuing options that do not reasonable exist and continuing to do so after being instructed to cease.
  7. The expression of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and/or engaging in behaviors which indicate an obsessive, excessive, and/or inappropriate focus on violence.

How to File a BIT Report

There are two primary ways to report concerns:

  1. File a report online through our online referral form. This provides a quick method to bring a concern to the attention of the Student Assistance Center and Behavioral Intervention Team.
  2. Call the Office of the Dean of Students at (217) 333-0050. During business hours, this number connects callers to the Dean on Duty, who can take the initial report of concern.

In either case, your report will be reviewed by staff in the Office of the Dean of Students. When filing a report, please include all relevant information pertaining to the student’s concerning behavior, while refraining from diagnosing or speculating about a mental health issue. Please provide a detailed description of the incident or concerning behavior, using language that is specific, concise, and objective. If there are relevant documents to include, please submit them with the report.

Please Note: Any information submitted in a BIT referral, whether in-person, over the phone, via email, or through the online referral form, becomes part of the student’s educational record, subject to FERPA, and may be disclosed to the student upon the student’s request.

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