Counseling Center
Alcohol Culture Explored Interactive Theatre

In an effort to provide a safe community for students, the University requires all first year students to attend ACE IT, an orientation program using video and discussion led by fellow students to examine what new students may encounter in the campus drinking culture.

In your 75-minute workshop, you’ll watch video scenes about drinking and campus life with a group of other new students. After each scene, you’ll have the opportunity to express your thoughts and hear what your peers have to say about drinking situations, attitudes, and choices.

ACE IT does not lecture or preach abstinence, rather seeks to ensure all students stay safe, healthy, and succeed academically.


ACE IT workshops are offered in David Kinley Hall (DKH), on a variety of days and times. Please remember that this is a mandatory program offered only the first several weeks of the fall semester, so please register and attend as soon as possible!

Questions or Comments
If you have any questions or concerns, or have any difficulty during the registration process, please e-mail Thank you for your cooperation with this important program.