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YOU WILL NOT BE DEPORTED for questioning or objecting to deductions from your security/damage deposit! If you do not agree with deductions:

  1. Go to Schedule an Appointment/Online Intake Forms.
  2. Fill out and submit the intake form, "Housing or Damage Deposit".
  3. E-mail or bring in your lease, the mailing from the landlord, move-in and move-out lists, pictures, etc.
  4. Come in to the SLS offices to select an appointment on a different day to meet with an SLS attorney.


Alternate DMV/Driver Service Facility Offices

Map showing alternate DMV/Driver Service Facility offices while the Champaign office is closed.

Map to City of Champaign Building [pdf]

Map of location of the City of Champaign building where you pay CITY ORDINANCE VIOLATION TICKETS.