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2014-15 Awards

Strategic Initiative Grants

International Student Early Arrival Experience

Submitted by: Lizette Dorantes & Brian Talton, University Housing
Co-sponsors: International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)

The goal of this program is to reduce international student’s sense of feeling lost or unwelcomed when they arrive on campus before the ISSS orientation. Pre-orientation students will be provided guided tours, explanation of staff roles & service, community connections & explorations, instructed how to access their student account, pay tuition, and class registration. During ISSS orientation week international students will be greeted at O’Hare, dropped off at locations with Welcome Wagons and on the Sunday before instruction begins the students will be shuttled to their permanent housing assignments, provided with a morning meal, a hall program in the afternoon, and an evening eat & greet. Additionally, there will be 6 weeks of integration programming in the Fall semester and a cultural immersion trip each semester. The program expects to reach 180 international students, 100 domestic students, 300 faculty, staff, and paraprofessionals.

"Fun" Career Fair

Submitted by: Jami Houston, Campus Recreation
Co-sponsors: Department of Recreation, Sports, & Tourism (RST) & The Career Center, Division of Intercollegiate Athletics

Campus Recreation in collaboration with the co-sponsors will host a “Fun” Career Fair. The fair will focus on students interested in internships and careers in recreation, sport, tourism, hospitality, and health fields. Besides developing career skills such as networking, resume building; the goal of this fair is to expose non-RST students to potential careers in RST. Particularly careers in financial operations, human resources, and marketing within this industry. The fair hopes to reach 200-400 students and 90 corporate partners.

Hire a Vet

Submitted by: Tracy Kleparski, Campus Recreation
Co-sponsors: Office of the Dean of Students and The Career Center

The program will consist of presentations provided over five weeks on career development topics during lunchtime. The focus will be how veteran students can highlight their military skills to meet the needs of private sector employers. The presentations will include resume writing; a panel of employers with veteran hiring initiatives; interview skills & career fair preparation; the All Campus Career Fair; and evaluating job offers. The program plans to reach 40-50 veteran students and five employers.

Sexual Assault Bystander Intervention Training: A Tier II CARE Program

Submitted by: Molly McLay, Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations
Co-sponsors: Office of Student Conflict Resolution, Counseling Center, Office of the Dean of Students, University Housing, University Police, Division of Intercollegiate Athletics, Office of Diversity, Equity, & Access

The FY CARE program is the foundation of the Tier II CARE Program which will focus on sexual assault bystander intervention. Students will learn to foster a community of respect and how to intervene to stop gendered violence. The Tier II curriculum will be developed with the help of all the co-sponsors and in consultation with nationally known bystander intervention consultant, Dr. Alan Berkowitz. The program will be facilitated by peers and the curriculum will focus on students; however, a second curriculum will be developed for professionals. The student curriculum will be completed in the Fall semester and piloted with 300 students during the Spring semester.

Activist Academy: Resisting Racism and Violence Against Women

Submitted by: Pat Morey, Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations
Co-sponsors: Diversity Education & Social Justice, Counseling Center, McKinley Health Center, & University Housing

The academy will be a year-long training program for student leaders focusing on "Resisting Racism and Violence Against Women." The collaborators will work with 35 students to become peer leaders, develop curriculum, workshops, film screenings, and discussion groups. These activities will expose the participants to definitions of violence against women; examples of racism and microaggressions; how to become an ally/advocate; coalition building; activisms; building grassroots campaigns; and how to seek support for a cause.

Inter-Connect Global Conversations

Submitted by: Rakhi Sen, Counseling Center
Co-sponsors: University Housing

The program will consist of 13 weekly "Conversation Hours" each semester located in one of the dining halls during dinner time. Multicultural Advocates and Counseling Center Paraprofessionals will serve as peer facilitators for the expected 600 international and domestic student participants. Six staff members will oversee all of the conversations. Attendance will be recorded and those students meeting a minimum number of conversations will be entered into a lottery for one of five prizes to be awarded each semester. The program will help participants gain a better understanding of cultural, social, and academic norms at the university. They will also learn about resources available to them and how to engage in cross cultural communication and dialogue. In addition, this program will meet an expressed need by international students for opportunities to practice English conversation skills.

Parent Program Brochures for Families whose First Language is not English

Submitted by: Mary Ellen Smith, Illini Union
Co-sponsors: Asian American Cultural Center, La Casa Cultural Latina, International Student & Scholar Services

The Parent Program introductory brochures will be translated into Spanish and Mandarin. The brochures will be rewritten to address the concerns of families whose first language is not English and to provide information about university resources available through the Parent Programs Office. Current international students will be recruited to assist in the translation of these brochures and in the process may become aware of resources available to them. It is also possible that these brochures may become a recruitment tool. The brochures will be distributed electronically and in print by the co-sponsors.