ODOS / Emergency Dean

Emergency Dean

The Emergency Dean program is an on call afterhours program that operates 7 days/week, from 5 pm -8:30 am.

The Emergency Dean is a full time employee of the university who volunteers to be on call at home.

The Emergency Dean can be reached at (217) 333-0050 and supports students who are experiencing an emergency situation after 5 pm, in which an immediate University response is needed and which cannot wait until the next business day. The Emergency Dean is not a substitute for trained emergency personnel such as 911, Police or Fire. If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, call 911.

Examples of When to call the Emergency Dean:

  • A student has been seriously injured in a car accident and may not make it. A group of the Illinois students is in the hospital waiting room upset and awaiting news about the student’s condition.
  • A group of students living in an apartment complex experienced flooding in their apartments at 9 pm. They are not getting any assistance from the complex management, are displaced and need assistance finding lodging for the night.
  • A parent wants university assistance in notifying a child, who is a student, about the sudden death of the student’s other parent.

Examples of Inappropriate Uses of the Emergency Dean:

You are sick in the middle of the night and anticipate missing an exam.

What to do instead: Email your professor about your illness. Seek medical attention. Contact the Student Assistance Center during business hours to request an absence letter if one is needed.

You need to leave campus unexpectedly one evening to return home to tend to a family emergency. You will not be in class for the next several days.

What to do instead: Send an email to your instructors as soon as possible to inform them of your circumstances. Or contact the Student Assistance Center the next business day to request that a notification be sent to your instructors.

You are extremely worried about a final exam tomorrow. Your anxiety has grown so intense that you can’t breathe and you think you are having a panic attack.

What to do instead: Call the Crisis Line at (217) 359-4141 or call Dial-A-Nurse (217) 333-2700. Or call 911 to seek emergency services.